La Pegatina

Fusion, Reggae, Rock, Ska



The Pegatina is, without nya doubt, the most beautiful explosion of emotions that one can experience. This musical madness, full of energy and joy is an embodiment of emotions.
Their full of energy performances and the on and off stage adrenaline are the main drive. The enthousiasm they generate during their performances is contagious. Throughout fourteen years of touring, the group has performed more than a thousand concerts in no less than 24 countries (Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, China, Japan, Canada, and a large part of European countries). Their style is varied: The latin rhythms, following the Catalan Rumba and the Ska are combined with a delirious punk. La Pegatina has so far released six albums, a documentary and a even video game! They blend different musical styles and mix them with their urban rumba of great vitality, bringing all possible colors into their music.
Their latest album "Ahora o nunca" was released in April 2018.




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La Pegatina

LES CELTIVALES, Pierrefontaine-les-Varans (25)

La Pegatina