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Julien Jacob




01 - Koussip
02 - Axel
03 - Cool
04 - Talam City
05 - Lebseup
06 - Alice
07 - Masso
08 - Eve
09 - Kaycie
10 - Amouss
11 - Palaham
12 - Nell

Afrofolk, World

Julien Jacob tells us « In each of us lies a secret place ». « A place where our past, our emotions, our doubts, our certitudes, our joys, our heartaches, our forces and weaknesses, our future, our existence are hidden… We often visit this magic place to find rest, peace, the answers to our questions, find the energy, the inspiration… Everyone has its imaginary city…
Mine is called TALAM City! ».
His 6th album is composed of twelve tracks. Twelve places in his imaginary city from which Julien offers us a sensory discovery.
TALAM City is sang in his imaginary language. A language that Julien created on his own and perfomed thoughout his entire discography. It is an uncoded language addressed to the heart rather than the intellect. Every listener, according to his own sensitivity, makes his personal journey.
Sometimes cool, rock, roots Julien Jacob’s artistic universe knows no borders!
Welcome to TALAM City !

CIE Mohein

Pé Drum

CIE Mohein


01 - O Biav
02 - Gaste Salbatice
03 - Mama Mea
04 - Morenika
05 - Sareiman
06 - Las Compras del Rabino
07 - Tu Romnie

World Balkan

La Compagnie Mohein will take you on a musical trip from Carpathian to the Mediterranean coasts. This music group harmonizes traditional repertories with the inspiration from their eight musicians.
Cymbalum, violins, clarinet, double bass, guitar and percussions…. Their musical universe has many reliefs and roughness that can be found on the route of a trip or a lifetime… sprinkled with with a few measures of Albanian yeni raki or Serbian slivovitz to soften sorrows and savor joys.
With their latest album “Pé Drum” (on the road), La Compagnie Mohein offers a journey to infinite possibilities and gives a sublime reading of their wildest figures of imagination, magnified by the hypnotic dances and the spellbinding voice of Núria Rovira Salat.


Parce Que C'est Nous



01 - Toi là-bas
02 - Bordel
03 - Nous
04 - On my way
05 - One love
06 - Bouge
07 - 2 minutes de silence
08 - Nuance de bleu
09 - Miroir

French Variety

First Album of NAËLI
Songwritress, singer
Songs have been inspired by french song and also Englis Pop, Reggae and Afro Bresilians rhythms!

Les Hurlements d'Léo

Luna de Papel

Irfan le Label


01 - Luna de papel
02 - Cumbia
03 - L'Appetit
04 - Filles de joie
05 - La Ferveur
06 - Des hauts des bas
07 - La Liste
08 - Beautée Parisienne
09 - Les Autres
10 - Mourir de Vivre
11 - Social Traitre
12 - Quand tu seras là bas

Alternative Rock, Punk, French variety

Les Hurlements d'Léo have never left the stage. Whether with the Ogres de Barback and the tour of Un Air; Deux Familles, or to revive the soul of Mano Solo, projects have followed one another in recent years. Despite this activity, their last album in their own name dates from 2011... This new studio album, their sixth in 20 years (7 counting the tribute album to Mano Solo) is expected, and well beyond the Gironde. The group preferred to run the scenes rather than to put their buttocks in the soft heat of a studio.

Abdul & The Gang




01 - Labesse
02 - Marlich
03 - El Cazaoui
04 - Mama Gnaouia
05 - Chibani
06 - Petit Sahraoui
07 - Printemps arabe
08 - Kan Fo Yallé
09 - L'Hadra
10 - Innocent
11 - Ksar Souk
12 - Interlude Ba Sidi

Gnawa Funk

This first album of Abdul & The Gang is an anthem to diversity with 12 unique and different tracks as their are many ways in the world. Chibani which means "ancient" in arabian is a record with thousands of melodies and flavours of the Sahara's desert that blend with an urban groove coming straight from the joy of life they met in the suburd.
Abdul has surrounded himself with the finest musicians, happy nomads from everywhere, ready to sing and tell each other about their lives, like the old-timers did yesterday, in Morocco or at the Saint-Ouen flea market.

Rona Hartner & DJ Tagada

Sell Fish



01 - My Swing Is Balkan
02 - Sell Fish
03 - Foaie Verde De Dollar
04 - Valentino
05 - Home Sweet Home
06 - Libre
07 - Rougir
08 - La Gypsytude
09 - Tierra
10 - Camasa Neagra
11 - Hora cu tarantella

Balkan Electro

The Selfish project is a collection of new songs that takes a relevant and uncompromising look at our times.
On an electro swing tempo, the title track plays on the senses and denounces the narcissistic selfishness (selfie) driven by social networks where datas of individual are phished (phishing) and sold to multinationals as simple sardines (sell fish).
The None Star mixes ragga and Romanian manélé, to evoke the artificial manufacture of reality TV stars. I ate my horse deals with the degradation of the products of the food industry on a burning electro-gypsy tempo...
11 tracks are already outlined, which deal with the most glaring problems of the post-industrial era but underline the hope contained in the will of an equal dialogue between sexes, races and religions. Open to the 5 continents, joyful and totally contemporary, the music of Dj Tagada and Rona Hartner is already a practical implementation of this spirit of fair exchange.

Jim Murple Memorial

Stella Nova

Jim Murple Memorial


01 - Are You Ready
02 - C'est pas sérieux
03 - Back in Town
04 - Ska's not dead
05 - Done with Love
06 - Blue Sister
07 - Romeo
08 - It Could Be Worse
09 - Hong Kong Flu
10 - Te prends pas le chou
11 - Mojito on the Beach
12 - Summer Romance
13 - Encore
14 - Tres Palabras
15 - The Joker
16 - Where Is My Love

Rocksteady, reggae & ska

The year 2017 will be blessed as it will have seen the tenth studio album of Jim Murple Memorial!
Stella Nova, available on April 28, gathers sixteen new compositions delivered by the sweet voice of Celia, daughter of Nanou original singer. The soul of the group is still present. It grooves to the sound of rocksteady, reggae and ska!
Jim Murple Memorial, who has been making a faithful audience dance since the end of the nineties, has been making a new start for a few years.

Dubioza Kolektiv


Dubioza Kolectiv


  1. All Equal Feat. Bee2
  2. No Escape (From Balkan)
  3. Free.Mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song)
  4. One More Time
  5. Boom! Feat. Dzambo Agusev
  6. Red Carpet Feat. Manu Chao
  7. Riot Fire Feat. Benji Webbe
  8. Alarm Song
  9. Hay Libertad Feat. La Pegatina
  10. 24,000 Baci Feat. Roy Paci

Ska Dub Rock Balkan

Difficult to define a precise musical style for this collective Bosnian, which according to Manu Chao, is the best European group of the moment! A unique fusion of music, a perfectly calibrated fusion of Rock Alternative, Reggae, Ska, Dub, Rap-Metal, Funk-Rock, Punk, and Balkan Music. A pure concentrate of positive energies, scenic performances survitaminées ... DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, it is the "cocktail" explosive and festive to wish, to consume without moderation, and of which you do not finish to hear! Official presentation of "HAPPY MACHINE", the new album of the group, a work of a rare energy, which throughout its contents gives us a true joy of life and invites us to dance! An album that will make a date and that will delight all the enthusiasts of "musiques métissées"!