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Grupo Compay Segundo's new clip finally available

Check out Grupo Compay Segundo's new video, "Que Fue de Nuestro Amor"! It'll take you on a trip to Cuba in no time!
  27 June 2023

New Single - La Ganga Calé, "Sálvese Quien Quiera"

La Ganga Calé is back with a new single that will once again raise the temperature!
  26 May 2023

NEW MUSIC VIDEO - Time To Come, Mysticallly

Check out Mystically's new music video, "Time To Come" ! Enough to make you travel for a moment with these two intoxicating voices.
  19 May 2023

LA PEGATINA celebrates 20 years of touring! For the occasion, the Catalans return to France in March for 3 exceptional dates in Nantes, Paris and Montauban!
  23 March 2023

Tremble mineral water manufacturers! Les Forces de l'Orge go back on a mission with "More Fear than Malt".
  15 March 2023

  20 January 2023

New clip of Surealistas, "Metegol"

For football fans, the beautiful game is more than just an international business - it’s an art. The art of decision-making, the art of communication, strategy and cunning. Football means suspense, tension and surprise –...
  29 November 2022
sorg-et-napoleon-maddox © David Tabary

  18 November 2022

  09 November 2022

Our new album "Vivelo" is available !

Our new album "Vivelo" is available !  11 tracks of Cuban music inspired by our maestro Compay Segundo.  The musicians who recorded this album have accompagnied Compay Segundo throughout his life.  This band is our...
  02 November 2022

  21 October 2022

  06 October 2022

  23 September 2022

  23 September 2022

  20 June 2022

  27 May 2022
des-lions-pour-des-lions-cover-nos-border © Des Lions pour Des Lions

Des Lions pour Des Lions, preparing their new album

Des Lions pour Des Lions will come back this summer with a new album called "No(s) Border".  A musical pepit, on a jazz and fusion backgroung mixed with punk music that will make you vibrate.
  02 May 2022

La Brigade du Kif, this summer it's Open Bar !

This summer, La Brigade du Kif are coming back with their new album "Open Bar" release on last winter on ANZN record. Finding the same energy, a pure concentrate juice with tastes and flavour still...
  14 April 2022
louverture-de-toussaint © JC Polien

New booking signature • L'Ouverture de Toussaint

Zn Production welcome a new project : L'Ouverture de Toussaint, an opening on esclavagism history and the life of Toussaint Louverture, haïtian revolutionary general. A show written by Nappoleon Maddox, Sorg, Jowee Omicil and Cheick...
  07 February 2022
coming-with-fire © Wiyaala

Wiyaala's new music video out - Coming with Fire

The talented Wiyaala released a new music video, Coming With Fire. A track wrote by K.O.G and produced by Martin Smith from MU Studio (Sheffield, UK). 
  17 January 2022