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  20 June 2022

  27 May 2022
des-lions-pour-des-lions-cover-nos-border © Des Lions pour Des Lions

Des Lions pour Des Lions, preparing their new album

Des Lions pour Des Lions will come back this summer with a new album called "No(s) Border".  A musical pepit, on a jazz and fusion backgroung mixed with punk music that will make you vibrate.
  02 May 2022
kog-french-tour-jpg-2 © Heavenly Sweetness

K.O.G's frech tour, starts on May 2022 !

K.O.G is coming back to France with his new album "ZONE 6, AGEGE", released on Heavenly Sweetness records. 
  28 April 2022

La Brigade du Kif, this summer it's Open Bar !

This summer, La Brigade du Kif are coming back with their new album "Open Bar" release on last winter on ANZN record. Finding the same energy, a pure concentrate juice with tastes and flavour still...
  14 April 2022
punky-zn-party © Helium 4

Punky Zn'Party at Le Kilowatt on April the 9th 2022

With the return of standing concerts, Zn Production organise it's own punk, ska and rock party. Line up with Cachemire, Pog Car Crash Control, Dubioza Kolektiv and La Brigade du Kif to let you dance...
  15 March 2022

Ceux Qui Marchent Debout' Release Party at the New Morning, Paris on March 31st 2022

French funk fanfare, Ceux Qui Marchent Debout, return from New Orlins with a new album to celebrate their 30 years of existence ! Release party on March 31st at the mythic theatre New Morning in...
  15 March 2022
shidaa © Roasted Kweku

K.O.G's new album "Zone 6, Agege" soon available !

K.O.G is coming back with a new album on February 25th 2022 ! ZONE 6, AGEGE, a new dose of energy we are impatient to be released ! Two extracts already available "Shidaa" and "Ayinye"....
  16 February 2022
louverture-de-toussaint © JC Polien

New booking signature • L'Ouverture de Toussaint

Zn Production welcome a new project : L'Ouverture de Toussaint, an opening on esclavagism history and the life of Toussaint Louverture, haïtian revolutionary general. A show written by Nappoleon Maddox, Sorg, Jowee Omicil and Cheick...
  07 February 2022
top10-societe-pernod-ricard-live © Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music

Societe Pernod Ricard Live's TOP10 for Edgar Mauer !

We can't stop her anymore ! Edgar Mauer has been elected in Societe Pernod Ricard Live's TOP10.
  07 February 2022
coming-with-fire © Wiyaala

Wiyaala's new music video out - Coming with Fire

The talented Wiyaala released a new music video, Coming With Fire. A track wrote by K.O.G and produced by Martin Smith from MU Studio (Sheffield, UK). 
  17 January 2022
top-100-societe-pernod-ricard-france-live-music © Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music

Edgar Mauer is selected in the TOP100 of Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music !

Edgar Mauer is selected in the TOP100 of Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music !
  17 January 2022
cover-cocek-montale-paris © Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra

Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra's new single is out, Čoček Montale Paris

Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra released Čoček Montale Paris, a sparkling new track ! 
  14 January 2022

From Blues To Funk, Ceux Qui Marchent Debout new album now available

From Blues to Funk, by Ceux Qui Marchent Debout is now available on all streaming services ! Their 10th album for 30 years of existence ! 
  10 December 2021

  22 October 2021
kafana-nouveau-clip- © Via Media

  05 October 2021

  01 October 2021

The afro brass-band BALAPHONICS comes back with a spicy flavours new album !

  21 April 2021

  16 April 2021

  09 April 2021