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FIVE ALARM FUNK : The new album "Big Smoke" is now available !

FIVE ALARM FUNK : The new album "Big Smoke" is now available ! 
  26 June 2020
like-it © Al Jawala - Like It

New video by Al Jawala - Like It

  08 May 2020

Malka Family - "Poulet Cuit" Live Clip @ La Maroquinerie

New live music video for the title "Poulet Cuit" now available on Youtube !
  05 May 2020

Dubioza Live Quarantine Show : "El cuarto de Tula" feat. Grupo Compay Segundo

Dubioza Kolektiv invites Grupo Compay Segundo to perform the song "El cuarto de Tula" for their latest Quarantine Show!
  04 May 2020
c-et-m © C&M

  30 April 2020
jmm_4 © JMM_4

  24 April 2020

Dubioza Kolektiv Qurantine Shows

The New York Times and Reuters talk about it! Link to The Reuters article: shorturl.at/gjFH2
  07 April 2020
mohein © Mohein

  27 March 2020

Des Lions Pour Des Lions - La Petite Aventure Feat René Lacaille

Des Lions Pour Des Lions takes us on a journey through their new music video "The Little Adventure" Ft. René Lacaille!
  27 March 2020

  17 March 2020
la_caravane_passe © LA_CARAVANE_PASSE

  05 March 2020

"#fakenews" The Dubiosa Kolektiv's new album will be released on January 28

  16 February 2020

  11 February 2020

  28 January 2020

  20 January 2020

  20 November 2019

  12 November 2019

" HUMANS" The London Afrobeat Collective's new album is now out

Humans is the new album from sought after international touring band the London Afrobeat Collective. From Europe to Africa, Glastonbury to Nigeria’s annual ‘Felabration’ festival, LAC deliver party music born of their truly global DNA....
  25 October 2019