La Caravane Passe

Balkan, Pop, Fusion,



It doesn't appear in any tourist guide, yet the Hotel Karavan does exist somewhere in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, and musicians from around the world jostle to lay their suitcases there. Toma Feterman, accompanied by his loyal crew, crisscrosses France, Europe, and soon all four continents, thanks to their first hit "Salade Tomate Oignon" (which became the radio jingle for the Tour de France in the Netherlands). Together, they lay the foundations of the mobile hotel. For 20 years, they travel the world, gathering the stones needed for the construction of their travelers' haven: Hotel Karavan can finally open its doors.

For the opening ceremony, coinciding with their anniversary, it's a frenzy. The ports are too narrow to accommodate the noisy and colorful crowd. Notable artists are settled in their suites, including Sanseverino, Oriane Lacaille, Tryo, Hadouiti Orchestra, Flavia Coelho, Mouss et Hakim, Aalma Dili, Danakil, and many others.

But it's the legend of Hotel Karavan that is the most famous fantasy ever to happen: the great Rachid Taha sponsors the establishment even beyond the afterlife. In short, it's a "crazy mess" as Toma Feterman puts it: "A man of ideas isn't here to do the cleaning." Twenty years, twenty tracks, and if he could have accommodated 2000 guests, he would have. Everyone wants to join the party and be part of this joyful chaos because such hotels are becoming rare.

Happy anniversary to the caravan: May the 20 flow abundantly, may your 20 years be roaring 30, may your exploration of music go 20,000 leagues under the sea, and may Hotel Karavan continue to exist for another 20,000 years.

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