ÄL Jawala

Balkan, Fusion, Pop/Electro



Since their creation in 2000, the German-French group Al Jawala have made a proof of great inspiration and creativity especially throughout their DIY attitude.
They were one of the first to fuse oriental brass with electro-beats and hip hop. They refer to their style as Balkan Big Beats, as Fat Boy Slim meeting folklore! Virtuoso saxophone melodies coupled with dance beats and big bass electronic spices. Äl Jawala delivers a unique music: urban, mysterious at times, gloomy with a big twist of Rock n' Roll, ideal to dance-along, strong and passionate, but rich and full of depth.

Al Jawala skillfully joggles with the clichés, the contrasts and the tension of different genres, creating a unique universal sound that carries something fundamental, overall, with the power to unite the most diverse people.
New album "LOVERS", Released on April 6, 2018