Rolando Luna & Maikel Dinza

Afro, Bolero, Jazz, Son cubain



"Por Nosotros" is the title of a sumptuous association, a show creation around a disc of two of the most important artists of Cuban contemporary music over the past 10 years, Rolando Luna (Latin Grammy Award for best music album traditional tropical, present on + 200 albums) and Maikel Dinza (Cuban Music Victory 2021).
Around this production, they want to share the most authentic sounds of Cuba, mixing eras, moments, sounds and styles that show a high musical and interpretative level.
A truly magical journey into the past, with the strength and experiences of today, it's a universe of love and music. Whether you are a Cuban music lover or simply looking for a unique musical experience, this unique duo will captivate and move you.
Don't wait any longer and discover now "Por Nosotros" by Maikel Dinza and Rolando Luna. Listening link and booking information on request.
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