Les Fils De Buster

Movie Concert



Two films of Buster Keaton, that date back in the 20s, and music of the Sons of Teuhpu were the source of inspiration. A moment when silent movies meet modern music ... the drifting air, rebels, dreamers and musicians.
The 6 members of the Son Teuhpu explore limites of their genre. A group with 3 albums and 1,000 concerts whose sound follows on and off screen Buster Keaton. Throughout one week they were navigating between hard bop and unconventional cartoon wise improvisation, they mixed acoustic instruments (banjo, copper ...) with sound effects taking us back to days of Tex Avery and Spike Jones. The result is fulfilling as would have said “the never-laughing man” himself, Buster Keaton. The Sherlock Junior rhythm of the film implies a different approach, forcing the musicians to explore new sounds, more electrified (guitar, bass, keyboards ...) and unusual (theremin, tanzanite, echo chamber and other effects ... ) closer to the movies and the series of the 60's (Lalo Shiffrin, Star Trek, Michel Magne, Vladimir Cosma ...); the musical eclecticism and their modern perception of history and its humour remains their guideline
"The surprise is the main element, we aim for the unexpected looking for original ideas." B. Keaton and his musical eclecticism is a modern perception of history, whose humor remains the guideline.
Available on tour 2023