Gato Preto

Afro-Beat, Pop/Electro, World Music

Ghana - Mozambique - Germany


The magnetizing GATO PRETO was born in the hype Parisian nightclubs, in the Zakk of Düsseldorf and on the international stage of the "Nyege Nyege" Festival at the source of the Nile in Uganda. Those "black cats" (French translation of Gato Preto) are as fierce as one can be.
Synthesizers, effects combined with African percussionists and dancers, are sure to keep the Gato Preto’s audience into a true state of trance. There isn’t anything or anyone that could stop this cosmopolitan groove and supersonic bass.

After featuring in Tracks on Arte in the show "Afrofuturisme", with clips counting more than 20 000 views, Gato Preto was chosen to perform in Womex in Poland in October 2017. 
The group is constantly performing proving that their dark magic of afrobeat with a South African groove and a touch of techno of Angola, is irresistible.