Gato Preto

Afro Futurist, World Music

Ghana - Mozambique - Germany - Senegal


Their masked mystique is the music – a tropical bass thunderstorm of candy rain and sound clouds. Gato Preto – the producer Lee Bass and rapper/singer Gata Misteriosa – unveil the African music paradise reflecting their roots in the polyrhythm of Bass from Ghana, the Portuguese slang of Gatas Mozambique and live, with the incredible Djembe Power of Moussa Diallo from Senegal.
Unique is what they are live: afrofuturistic outfits combined with Gata jumping the stage, Lee kicking the beats & synthies and Moussa hitting the Djembe live. This pan-african Act has been invited to Africa several times! They played Showcases at WOMEX 2017 and SXSW 2018, played at Havana World Music Festival 2018 in Cuba, went to the African Futures Festival in Johannesburg and headlined headlined the Nyenge Nyege Festival in Uganda.
Gato Preto are part of the international afro-futuristic scene where they travel around the globe.

New York Times:

“Afrofuturist global bass is how the members of Gato Preto describe their combustible blend of rap, funk and Senegalese drumming. The band is fronted by the explosively charismatic Gata Misteriosa, from Mozambique ... Their set had a steamy carnival energy, with the relentless drive of the machine-made pulse amplified by heart-quickening flurries of live drumming.“ - 

Chicago Tribune

"The best dance party of the week was thrown by Gato Preto..." -