Electric Jalaba

, Space-Age, World Music

United kingdom


Traditional songs about mysterious women, men dividing the oceans and armies of soul conquerors weave themselves between huge infectious grooves, analog effects and distorted guitars. The sound of the camel skin of the impressive voices of Guembri and Lagnawi will take you to another world while the band boils relentlessly through a range of wonderfully new grooves. Expect an inexhaustible energy, moments of emotional calm and ecstatic chaos, as well as dance moves you’ve probably never seen before!

A deep psychedelic, groove-heavy meeting between Moroccan Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi, Italian/English drummer Dave De Rose and four musical brothers; Henry, Oliver, Nathaniel and Barnaby Keen from Dorset (UK).

"Loving the release, we need to get them in the studio!" Gilles Peterson, BBC 6 MUSIC
"Inexhaustible energy, moments of soulful calm and pinnacles of ecstatic mayhem, plus some dance moves, I've definitely never seen before".  Rhythm Passport