Boban Marković Orkestar

Balkan, Root, World Music



Boban Marković's music became known to the broader audience through Emir Kusturica’s films (Arizona Dream, Underground). A 14 musician brass band blending jazz with Balkan folklore -with respect to the Serbian tradition- is considered to be one of the most renown brass bands of the Centrale Europe.

Ancient melodies that have travelled from the silk road to the Adriatic Sea, played on 19th century instruments consist what we could refer to as "the true Balkan Brass Band music". A virtuoso father and a prodigious son, Boban and Marko Marković, are active interprets, implicated in the ongoing evolution of the Brass Band tradition.Their Brass Band music is contemporary, and urban, respecting its bonds with the rural traditions. Musicians such as DJ Shantel,Balkan Beatbox or even Zach Condon, leading member of the group Beirut, refer to Boban Markovic Orchestra as a source of inspiration and even dedicate songs to him or sample his music.

Sometimes compared with New Orleans Big Bands, with Jamaican ska or even with funk music the rhythms and the melodies establish what this project is : True Balkan music.