Boban Marković Orkestar

Balkan, World Music



Known and recognized for their appearances in Emir Kusturica's films (Arizona Dream and Underground), the Serbian brass band led by Boban Markovic, consisting of 13 musicians and a unique style that blends jazz and Balkan folklore, has established itself as one of the best brass bands in Central Europe for the past decade. In Gypsy music, more than anywhere else, life is short and the nights are long, filled with stories. This one tells the tale of a promise fulfilled. Boban Markovic, "The King of Balkan Brass."

In the fascinating saga of Serbian brass bands, Boban Markovic has made an indelible mark. Utter his name, and heads bow respectfully as tongues loosen. Hailing from Vladicin Han in the depths of southern Serbia, he is descended from a family of horn players and was raised in the tradition of Romani music. While many ponder what can or cannot be done to preserve musical authenticity, Boban continues on his path. He ventures into uncharted territories, guided solely by his desires, instincts, and inspiration, merging and infusing Romani traditions into the clamor of the world.

One can easily refer to the unparalleled successes of the Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar. Foremost among them is the story of Guca, the most significant annual gathering, a festival and competition that brings together the finest brass bands from the Balkans. Boban i Marko and their Orkestar have won so many awards there (Boban himself has received the title of best trumpeter five times in a row) that they now participate as honorary guests, giving others a chance.

In the era of the booming "balkan beats" scene on dancefloors, fueled by a handful of international DJs, young admirers such as DJ Shantel, Zach Condon, the leader of Beirut, and Balkan Beat Box, now emerge. They refer to and cite, sample and dedicate songs to the "master."

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