Saeid Shanbehzadeh

Root, World Music



Shanbehzadeh Ensemble is a unique approach on traditional dances and music originating from the Persian Gulf and more specifically from the province of Bushehr, southern region of Iran. The main instruments are the Neyanbânn (Iranian bagpipe), the Neydjofti (double flute), the Dammam (double-sided drum), the Zarbetempo (percussion), the traditional flute, the Senj (kind of cymbal) and the Boogh (goat horn). ..

Saeid Shanbehzadeh, defends, with passion and conviction, a somewhat marginal tradition of the modern Iran. A great virtuoso of bagpipes, jirba. Saied is a part of a generation of musicians who defends a musical legacy that is transmitted in situ. Moved by nowadays vast migratory movement he seeks for inspiration in other musical expressions throughout the world.

Available in 2021!!