Pop, Hip-Hop



R.CAN could move people to tears by writing a Dostoyevsky-style story, capturing the audience's feelings effortlessly. Audiences describe him as a sun channel or an inexhaustible source of light. He has known the streets, family heartbreak and homes, but he has chosen to transcend his ordeals. He confesses that singing about love and peace was his decision to turn evil into good.
R.CAN has overcome the darkness, letting light into the heart of his music. He prefers to conjugate his poetry in the present tense, offering invitations to reflection. His songs, born of popular melodies heard in his father's truck, always look to the stars. Rap, discovered at an IAM concert in 1992, was an epiphany, pointing the way to hope. Hip-hop culture liberated him, offering him the love he hadn't had as a child. A Catalan at heart since 1994, R.CAN, a 100% artist, dismisses any sense of imposture. He already has three albums behind him and an EP
His music, a blend of rap and French chanson, navigates between genres, always authentic. On stage, he exudes passion and vitality. R.CAN has performed extensively, opening for renowned artists such as Tryo, Claudio Capéo, Les trois café gourmand, IAM, Amel Bent, Bernard Lavilliers and Francis Cabrel, and has been invited to perform at major festivals such as the Aluna Festival, Poupet, Les Déferlantes and Musicalarue. His musical trio offers a captivating experience, with incredible chemistry and interaction with the audience. Beyond music, he explores other horizons, as an actor and writer, with no holds barred.
In troubled times, R.CAN's songs transcend borders and differences, illuminating despair and charting a path of transmission and refusal to abdicate. He sings for the people, building a future in which the road and emotions are essential. The future belongs to R.CAN.