Hip-Hop, Jazz

Montreal - Canada


Montreal based artists L.Teez was born in 1995 into a family that nurtured and surrounded him with music and creativity. Born of a French-Canadian father of Algerian/ Kabyle ancestry and a Canadian mother of Jamaican and Chinese origins, Lee Amayes Terki has evolved in a cosmopolitan universe, one that was more than favourable in the development of his musical identity. Lee’s father, Mustapha Terki has been himself involved in the music scene for the past 30 years, overseeing many events in Montreal and France as artistic director, promoter and producer. One might say that he’s bathed in culture since childhood.
L.Teez’s formal training began in grade school where he learned to play both trumpet and trombone, all while creating beats on his cell phone. At the age of 16, he started to formally compose verses and dabble in Hip Hop music. As his artistry matured and his writing continued to take shape, L.Teez turned his words into freestyle performances. With the rise of New School Hip-Hop in 2012, Lee decided to put his thoughts out into the world. He enrolled at Perspectives, a school in the Saint-Michel borough that allows him to deploy his creativity. Encouraged by his family and Marc Tétreault, a teacher who has detected his potential and whom nurtured the young man’s need to create more intensely, L Teez begins to make his rhymes seriously and looks for sounds and rhythms to carry them.
In college, he took film classes; those years largely influenced his perspective of the world, and opened his mind to complex human thoughts. He narrates what he sees; his words are filled with deep, genuine and thought-provoking emotion. Growing up in Montreal, he spent his youth hanging around the MTL Jazz Festival and becomes a huge fan of the genre.
Hip hop quickly proved to be a balm for personal or family wounds, as well as an outlet for academic demands that had become a straitjacket for him. Fascinated by history, he educates his conscience, enriches his subjects, and refines his pen. For this, he began reading great North American authors: John Fante, Charles Bukovsky, Mordechai Richler… L.Teez loves to perform, is the first thing you’ll notice, unique and self-assured. With knowledge, his words ebb and flow in smooth torrents of hip-hop and jazz combined in a style that is all his own.
“My inspiration finds its roots from many different aspects of life: our daily lives, emotions, and those little moments we all live through which are experienced differently from one individual to the next. Anything that has the capability to make us FEEL, negative or positive, drives me to tell a story or to make the listener understand a certain emotion or moment through my words & poetry.”
New EP "The Index to My Inner Thoughts" released on September 18th 2020
Available on tour in 2020 / 2021